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5 Free AI Image Editing Tools

The best AI image editing tools to create, extend and improve images, videos, audio and text.

Having the right image editing tools can make all the difference. Artificial Studio offers free AI-powered tools to help you elevate your images. From swapping faces to colorizing old photos, these innovative tools open up endless creative possibilities. Let’s explore them all:

1. Face Swap free

face swap between Elon Musk and Michael Jackson

Blend two faces together for funny or artistic effects. Simply upload two images, and the AI will merge the faces. It’s a fun way to imagine yourself or others in surprising new contexts.

2. Remove Background free

Distracted boyfriend meme

Need to remove a distracting background from an image? The Background Remover uses AI to precisely detect and extract the foreground subject, leaving you with an image in a transparent background. Perfect for product photos, graphics, and more.

3. Remove Blur free

Unblur image

Using advanced AI algorithms, it can take blurry, out-of-focus photos and transform them into clear, crisp images — almost like magic!

4. Colorize Photos free

Woodstock festival

Bring new life to your old black and white photos with the Colorize tool. Through AI color detection, it can intelligently analyze the image content and produce a beautifully colorized version with accurate hues.

5. Depth Map image free

Roll safe meme

The Depth Map tool analyzes an image and generates a grayscale depth map, indicating the relative distance of objects from the camera’s viewpoint. This data can be used for advanced image editing or 3D modeling. This is very useful for people using Blender, Unity and Adobe After Effects.

✨ All of these AI tools from Artificial Studio are completely free to use, with no sign-up required. For casual users and professionals alike, get creative with image editing. Give them a try!

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