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5 Best Face Swap AI Generators

Swap faces with AI in seconds. Here are the best face swap AI generators on the market.

After testing the most well-known tools and apps, we believe that this is the best top 5 face swap using AI:

1. Artificial Studio Face Swap

Artificial Studio is the best tool, has dozens of models for creating or improve images, text, video or audio, and their Face Swap model works especially well. Just upload a photo of your face, and another one of other person, and generate the image. Extremely easy.

2. AI Face Swap by Vidnoz

This app lets you switch faces with celebrities, friends, or your family. You can use a template or upload your own images. Be whoever you want to be.

3. Pixble

This is for “reface” your photos automatically with an AI generator, you can drag and drop your images to start, and has two options to start for free or register and pay to have access to the entire tool.

4. Fotor

Fotor a AI-powered app photo editor that can help you make face-swapping images and has a couple of examples with vintage photos. They call it “reface”.

5. Pica AI

An online app to make multiple fun swap faces and create stunning art. Like the previous tools, this one can also be used if you are a content creator or just want to have fun using your friends’ photos.


In this top we found that the easiest way to Create Multimedia with AI is Artificial Studio, where you can create, extend and improve images, videos, audio and text! ✨ It has +20 artificial intelligences to do your job thousands of times faster.

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